Using Self-Storage for Outdoor Gear and Sporting Equipment

Using Self-Storage for Outdoor Gear and Sporting Equipment

If you live an active, sporty lifestyle, your home might burst at the seams with things like:

  • Camping gear.
  • Skis.
  • Kayak or canoe.
  • Hockey equipment.
  • Balls, rackets, and nets.
  • Bikes.

Camping gear

Keeping these items inside the house may not be the best option.

They’re much too big to safely store out of the way. Plus, there’s a good chance they could get damaged.

That’s why personal storage for your outdoor gear and sporting equipment from Multi Storage is your best solution.

Unit sizes to fit all your recreational goods

At Multi Storage, we feature a variety of unit sizes for you to comfortably and safely store all your sporting equipment.

  • STORING SOCCER BALLS & HOCKEY GEAR? Use a 5’ x 5’ unit.
  • NEED A PLACE FOR CAMPING GEAR? A 5’ x 10’ unit is right for you.
  • LOOKING TO STORE BIKES, ATVs, & OTHER OUTDOOR VEHICLES? Check out a 10’ x 20’ unit.

You’ll never have to worry about cramming your stuff inside a unit that’s too small or using a storage location that’s way too big.

Instead, all your sporting goods – from the smallest hockey puck to the longest kayak – will be stored safely, properly, and securely.

Unsure what’s the right size for you? Use our FREE storage calculator and find out.

Secure your investment

As you well know, sporting equipment can be pricey.

The last thing you want is someone breaking into your home or garage and stealing an expensive set of skis or mountain bikes.

Our storage facilities in Hamilton and Stoney Creek are equipped with tough security features designed to keep your belongings safe:

  • Gated premises.
  • Security fences and lights.
  • Video monitoring.
  • Personal security access codes.

At Multi-Storage, we believe you should enjoy total peace of mind knowing your items are 100% secure the moment you leave them with us.

That’s why we prioritize security above all else.

Protect weather-sensitive outdoor gear with climate controlled storage

Extreme heat or extreme cold can play havoc with certain sporting equipment. For example:

  • Heat expansion and contraction can warp wooden tennis rackets.
  • Cold temperatures or moisture can rust a bicycle chain.
  • Kayaks can fade or become bent in hot temperatures.
  • Sleeping bags or tents can become moldy in the wrong climate conditions.
  • Ski wax can lose its effectiveness if it becomes too hot.

As mentioned earlier in this blog, high-end outdoor gear can be expensive, especially if it’s made with delicate materials, fabric, or even metals.

With climate controlled storage available in our Stoney Creek location, you won’t have to worry about Mother Nature impacting your sporting goods.

Tips for storing selected recreational equipment

Before putting your sporting goods away for the season, make certain to use these easy-to-follow tips.

Kayaks on beach

Water vessels (canoe/kayak)

  • Clean thoroughly.
  • Inspect the interior for small animals, insects, or eggs.
  • Use a protective cover (even in storage).
  • Climate controlled storage is ideal if you have an inflatable vessel.

Camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, cooking items, etc.)

  • Make a list of everything you have.
  • Clean fabrics in the wash and cooking items (pots, pans, etc.) in the dishwasher before storing.
  • Allow everything to dry fully before storing.
  • Remove batteries from flashlights, outdoor radios, etc.
  • Do not store flammable gas (propane) or liquid (lighter fluid) inside your unit.


  • Clean and wipe down the bike.
  • Remove grime from spokes, wheels, brakes, gear, and the chain.
  • Oil the chain.
  • Remove old or warped tires.
  • Use the kickstand when storing your bike.


  • Rinse your skis with a hose.
  • Dry your skis with a soft cloth.
  • Remove any rust from the edges using fine steel wool.
  • Take off old wax and apply new wax.
  • Strap the skis together by the tips and tails.

Need a place for your outdoor gear all year round? Choose Multi Storage

Whether it’s winter gear or summer gear, Multi Storage has the facilities and security you want to keep your items in tip-top condition.

After all, it’s important that when you pull out your sporting equipment, it’s in the exact same condition as when you left it months ago.

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