Top Questions to Ask When Renting a Storage Unit

Top Questions to Ask When Renting a Storage Unit

As the population grows and we continue to acquire more things, the need for space has become crucial. Instead of disposing of items that are dear to us, the option to store them is much more appealing.  

Luckily, there are storage units available for these very reasons. When space is limited, storage units provide sufficient space for warehousing items. There are many considerations to take when choosing a storage unit because these items are special and personal to you. Before you store your valuables in just any old storage unit, consider asking these questions first. 

What measures are taken to manage climate and pest control issues? 

 When items are stored in a storage facility, they must be kept safe and secure. For this reason, suitable measures must be implemented. Each unit should be checked, cleaned, sanitized, and climate-controlled. These actions ensure satisfaction, limit the occurrence of damage, and minimize the presence of unwanted pests.  

Will my items be protected from a fire? 

A sprinkler system is great to have in place. This guarantees that in the event of a fire, corrective measures are available. Having this system limits the severe damage that can occur with fires. It offers peace of mind to clients knowing that an active fire protection method is available to safeguard their possessions. Additionally steps should be taken to ensure that highly flammable materials, gasses and ignition sources not placed storage units.  

Do you offer adequate security? 

With a variety of valuable items that can be stored in a storage unit, security measures must be in place to uphold the safekeeping of these items and to prevent unlawful entry. Therefore, motorized sliding gates, perimeter security, and a brightly illuminated exterior should be offered for protection. A modern camera system, such as 24/7 video monitoring, should also be available.  

How is access controlled? 

Renters want access to their items at all times. After all, it does belong to them, and a storage unit is merely storing them. Permitted entry at any time, along with the use of personal access codes, offers limitless access in addition to security.   

In addition to monthly costs, are there any extra charges?  

Before you receive your unit, lease agreement details and associated costs should be explained thoroughly. Further expenses may apply for admin fees, security deposits, late fees, etc. but only if applicable. However, additional charges should not occur unless otherwise stated by the storage facility. 

Are discounts or specials offered?  

In some instances, special discounts are offered. New clients, seniors, students, and loyal, long-term renters may be eligible for savings. Also, depending on the season, special offers may be available. It doesn’t hurt to inquire, as a discount may be available for you.    

What are the payment options for monthly costs?  

Do you have a preferred method for making payments? Many storage facilities offer different options, such as auto-pay or online bill payments, to make paying fees less worrisome.  

Are extra amenities offered?  

Every storage facility is different. Some offer unique amenities such as an on-site retail store that provides boxes, or containers. Asking about the presence of available amenities is always a good idea.   

Does your storage facility offer insurance?  

Insurance offers protection for your valuables if something occurs. However, not all facilities provide insurance. Instead, they may offer other measures to maintain the security of your possessions. Additionally some homeowners insurance may cover storage units for a period of time. If you are interested in insurance for a storage locker, make an inquiry to see whether it is offered through the storage facility or your home or renters insurance.   

Final Note 

If there is a storage facility you are already interested in, check online reviews. You may find answers to your questions there, as well. Contact Multi Storage if you have any questions and for all of your self-storage solutions.  

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