Storage Tips for Staging Your House

Storage Tips for Staging Your House

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There are various reasons why someone would consider selling their home. Before beginning the process of selling, you must ensure that your house offers a welcoming charm. Modern fixtures and the pristine upkeep of your home are just some of the characteristics that buyers seek. However, there is a definite advantage in staging your house. It creates a sense of warmth and coaxes buyers to look at your home in a positive light. It negates the negatives and instead fuels fascination and admiration.

What Are the Material Benefits of Staging?

According to, staged homes sold 79% faster in 2017, then those that were not staged. Since this finding, this percentage has likely increased. As stated by Investopedia, Home Staging Resource discovered significant results. Through their research on 3,500 staged homes, close to half of them sold for 10% more than those that were not staged. Hence, these figures point to the notable rewards of staging a home. It expedites the selling process and provides an increase in profit.

The Purpose of Staging A Home

Remove Personality & Create A Blank Slate

The purpose of staging a home is quite straightforward. It removes personality from your home, creating an open and uncluttered space that fosters vision. It allows buyers to look at your home from an unbiased eye. Here, they are prompted to be visionaries and imagine themselves living in your home and making it their own.

By removing personal items, staging also enables you to keep all of your possessions out of eyesight. It keeps them safe, and in storage away from the scrutiny of buyers. So, while your open house is in session, you can have peace of mind knowing that the things you love are secure.

De-Clutter Your Home

Another benefit of staging is decluttering your home. Organizing your home creates clarity by eliminating things that do not need to be present. It clears the space and provides organization. Overall, buyers take well to homes that look clean and have some structure.

Clutter implies that there is not enough space and this can adversely impact a buyer’s decision. Choosing to stage your home frees up space and encourages buyers to make a warm connection with your house.

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Using Storage Before, During & After Your Move 

The benefits of using storage units are quite extensive. Before moving, it allows you to stow away personal belongings in preparation for your open houses. It also enables you to put things away without disposing of them. Hence, keepsakes can remain a part of your family.

While moving, using storage units is beneficial. It decreases the possibility of your valuables becoming lost or broken during the move, as everything remains together in one space. It also makes moving light.

After you have moved, storage units are ideal for maintaining a sense of organization in your new home. They are great for keeping seasonal items safe until needed again. Storing these things away minimizes clutter offering you space for the things that matter in your home.

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