Decluttering Your Space – What to Keep, What to Store, What to Purge And What to Giveaway

Decluttering Your Space – What to Keep, What to Store, What to Purge And What to Giveaway

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It’s been said that too much clutter can harm our physical and emotional wellbeing. Too much clutter can trap dust, and dirt creating a space that is a hazard to our health. Emotionally, clutter constructs a space that fosters confusion and feelings of stress, which limits our ability to think with precision. Being organized is essential for living a calmer and healthier lifestyle, as it imparts clarity and better proficiency in our lives.  

What You Should Keep  

Choosing to ignore the clutter in your life only worsens the issue. It leaves room for more unnecessary items to pile-up, intensifying the problem. However, when you begin tackling the clutter, deciding what to keep can be challenging. With all of the items before you, it is not simple to determine what is important.  

The key to deciding what to retain as you declutter is asking yourself questions as you sort. Do I love this item? Do I need it? How will it benefit my life? How will it help me achieve my goal of peace and organization in my home? Answering these questions can help to guide you, permitting you to retain useful items.  

What to Store  

Choosing to move unwanted items from your home to storage is not decluttering. You are merely shifting the clutter from one space to another. Therefore, deciding what to store is just as important.  

Once you have gone through the necessary process of discovering what you actually need, next is deciding what to place in storage. Various items go to storage units. These units are used primarily for housing items that are useful but may be unusable due to the lack of space. Things such as decorative pieces, unused sentimental furniture, collectibles, or business documents are great items to store.   

What to Purge   

Removing items from your home is crucial when decluttering. Some of the best things to purge are outdated clothes and accessories you no longer wear, old magazines and books, loose papers, empty bottles, excessive plastic bags, as well as extra boxes and containers. Other great things to get rid of include expired foods, makeup and medication.   

What to Give Away 

As you declutter, donating items to local charities is quite beneficial. The things that you may no longer view as useful may be necessary for someone else. Therefore, choosing to donate these items to someone else is quite suitable.  

You can consider giving away old electronics such as computers, TVs, radios, home décor items, books, sleeping bags, clothes, kitchen items, toys and other re-usable items. By giving away these items to friends who need them or by donating them to charities, you are helping others while decluttering and supporting your personal growth.  

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