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Rocking Chair
Small Desk
Standing Lamp
Sectional Couch
Wine Rack
Small TV
Tall Lamp
Large Rug
Drop Tables
Large TV
Straight Chair
Grandfather Clock
Plant Stand
CD Stand
Small Rug
Medium Sofa
Coffee Table
Arm Chair
Day Bed
Tree Rack
Baby Grand Piano
Wicker Sofa
Large Sofa
End Table
Stereo Stand
Bench Seating
Dining Room Table
Buffet Base
Dining Room Chair
Area Rug with Pad
Corner Cabinet
Small Rug with Pad
Small Air Conditioner
Freezer 16 cu. ft & over
Garbage Compactor
Oven 6.5 cu. ft
Large Air Conditioner
Refrigerator 6 cu. ft
Refrigerator 7-10 cu. ft
Clothes Washer
Freezer 11-15 cu. ft
Refrigerator 11 cu. ft & over
Clothes Dryer
Breakfast Stool
Breakfast Table
Bar Cart
High Chair
Kitchen Table
Ironing Board
Double Bed
Large Dresser
Queen Bed
Wing Chair
Small Desk
Night Stand
King Bed
Rocking Chair
Dresser with Mirror
Small Wardrobe
Bunk Beds
Cedar Chest
Small (Child) Dresser
Large Wardrobe Closet
Mountain Bike
Office Desk
Boxed Electronics
Sewing Machine
Poker Table
Coffee Maker
Hockey Bag
Step Ladder
Folding Chairs
Small Filing Cabinet
Billiard Table
Lawn Mower
Folding Cot
Medium Filing Cabinet
Tool Bench
Picnic Table
Note: Our storage units are approximately
8 feet in height.
Size s.f.
0 Total
Cubic s.f.
0 Clear Form
Estimate total cubic feet of items not listed
CUBIC FEET 200 400 800 1,200 1,600 2,000 2,400
UNIT SIZE 5' X 5' 5' X 10' 10' X 10' 10' X 15' 10' X 20' 10' X 25' 10' X 30'
SQUARE FEET 25 50 100 150 200 250 300

Disclaimer: All sizes and guidelines for storage requirements are approximate, and do not necessarily reflect an exact amount of space.
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