Separating Fact from Fiction When It Comes to Storage Spaces

Separating Fact from Fiction When It Comes to Storage Spaces

For self-storage spaces, there are always common myths which are almost impossible to shake:

In reality, the facts about using self-storage are nothing like the myths behind them.

24/7 video survelliance

MYTH: My items really aren’t safe inside a storage unit

TRUTH: High-tech security is always on, 24/7

Are these the first images which pop into your mind when thinking about storage units in Hamilton?

  • Doors which don’t close properly?
  • Old padlocks?
  • Weak fencing?

Think again.

At Multi-Storage, we use modern physical and high-tech electronic barriers to ensure only you can access your stuff.

For example:

  • Gated entrances: Nobody can just walk up towards your storage unit
  • Personal access codes: Randomly generated and only given to you
  • Unit alarms: We’ll instantly know if something is going on at your unit
  • Video monitoring: Your storage rental is never left unattended; we’re always watching

Those features, combined with things like bright LED security lights gives you peace of mind knowing that when you’re not here, were diligently protecting your valuable items.

Measuring tape

MYTH: You’ll end up with a unit that’s too big or too small

TRUTH: Rentals come in more sizes than you think

Many people, in an effort to save money, try to rent the smallest unit there is. When they realize all their things won’t fit, they rent another small unit.

And they may even rent a third storage space.

Conversely, other people may spend money on a unit that’s way too big; thinking that more room will keep their items extra safe.

Units come in all sizes.

If you’re realistic about what you have to store, you an easily find the right unit size for your needs.

Should you need more guidance, there are storage calculators available to help you determine the best size for your stuff.

The bottom line is there’s no reason for you to get a unit that’s too big or small that you’re unhappy with.


How much storage do you need? Give our FREE storage calculator a try and find out.


MYTH: You don’t need self-storage

TRUTH: Self-storage units help everyone in all walks of life

Using a self storage unit is a valuable service which keeps your very important items safe and protected.

People who use self-storage include:

  • Business owners looking to store extra inventory
  • Classic car owners who want safe, secure vehicle storage
  • Families who want to store furniture while they move
  • Downsizing seniors who still want to keep some personal items

It’s all about looking at your situation objectively.

If your home is overcrowded with items which are too valuable to get rid of, it’s quite simple: You need self-storage.

Take a look at the storage units available at Multi-Storage

Multi-Storage is all about providing you with a superior and reliable self-storage experience.

To do that, we do everything we can to keep our units clean, dry and secure.

After all, it’s your property we’re storing. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

For more information about our storage units, simply contact us with your questions or comments. We’ll get back to you ASAP with the information you need.

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