The Benefits of Placing Your Warm Weather Vehicle in Self-Storage

The Benefits of Placing Your Warm Weather Vehicle in Self-Storage

Snow covered car

In spring, summer and the early part of fall, you’ve happily driven your hobby car or motorcycle through the streets of Hamilton and Stoney Creek.

With winter fast approaching, though, it’s time to put those wheels away.

Your options are:

  • Jam it in the garage
  • Leave it on the driveway
  • Park it on the street
  • Safely use vehicle storage

If the first three suggestions on this list don’t sound too appealing – or if you’ve been thinking about using Multi Storage for your car – here’s why self-storage is your best bet.

Road salt on a car

Road salt can take its toll

Road salt on streets, driveways and walkways is an absolute necessity for safe winter driving.

While road salt is helpful, it can do a number on your summer car, such as:

  • Cause rust
  • Eat away at paint
  • System leaks (such as brake fluid)

For a hobby car or motorcycle with a delicate paint job, prolonged exposure to road salt can be damaging and expensive.

However, when your special ride is in clean, dry and secure personal storage unit, you don’t have to worry about salt or ice melt sticking to it.

That’s because vehicle storage units are designed to keep the elements out – that includes snow, hail, wind, cold, and yes, even salt.

As a result, your car will be as dry and salt-free as the day you first stored it.

Snow covered motorcycle

Winter can do a number on your motorcycle

Even if you cover up your motorcycle for the winter, it’s still susceptible to whatever winter can throw at it.

Besides the aforementioned salt exposure in this blog, winter can also:

  • Weaken brake fluids
  • Cause the gas in the tank to condense
  • Knock over your bike (if it’s a super windy day)

Not only that, but leaving your motorcycle outside increases the possibility of theft.

When you store your bike inside a storage unit rental, not only are you keeping it clean and dry, but you’re also keeping it in peak operating condition

Then, when spring comes and you’re ready to ride again, you won’t have to worry about dealing with a dead battery.

Car inside a garage

Keep your garage free for your winter car

Here’s the scenario: It’s 5am and there’s a raging blizzard.

You’ve got to get to work, so you trudge outside start up your car and brush away thick snow only to discover thick ice underneath.

Here’s the problem with that:

  • It’s not fun
  • You’re wasting gas
  • You risk injuring yourself (you could slip and fall)

By keeping your summer car inside a Hamilton storage unit, you’re freeing up your garage to store your winter vehicle.

Here’s the same scenario, but instead of going outside, your car is in the garage:

  • Open the garage
  • Get in the car
  • Pull out of the garage
  • Close the garage

Now, doesn’t that seem much more pleasant (and warmer too)?

Filling gas tank

Helpful tips when prepping your car or motorcycle for winter storage

Before bringing your vehicle to our Hamilton or Stoney Creek locations, make certain to follow these smart tips:

For your car:

  • Fill the gas tank (and use fuel stabilizer)
  • Clean the inside of your car thoroughly
  • Add air to the tires (don’t overinflate)
  • Change the oil

For your motorcycle:

  • Top up the tank and all fluids
  • Wash and wax your bike
  • Change the oil and filter
  • Lube the chain (and other moving parts)

Protect your ride at Multi Storage

You’ve invested quite a bit in your motorcycle or summer car.

Don’t let Old Man Winter ruin it for you.

Instead, let Multi Storage keep your vehicle out of the howling wind and freezing snow all season long.

Our units are:

  • Clean
  • Safe and secure with video monitoring and personal keypad access
  • Dry

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