5 Benefits of Commercial Storage for Business Owners

5 Benefits of Commercial Storage for Business Owners

When you think of storage units, you probably think of self-storage for personal use. But commercial storage options are also available to help business owners overcome issues like safety and security. Here are a few key reasons why you may want to consider commercial storage for all your business belongings.

Exceptional Security

Do you work in a building with a lot of foot traffic and visitors? Or do you have an overflow of supplies or important items around the office? If so, consider the benefits of having a secure place to store everything from important files and documents to company vehicles without worrying about who has access.

With up-to-date video monitoring systems, personalized security codes, bright LED lighting, and an alarm in every unit, you can rest easy knowing that you have maximum protection whether you’re on the premises or leaving your unit for an extended period of time. A monitored sliding gate with your own code gives you access to your commercial storage unit 24/7 and ensures that no one else can get to your unit except for you.

Safe and Protected Document Storage

Although many of our every day lives are now digitalized, there are plenty of industries that require printed documents. These files and documents take up an incredible amount of space over time and often lead to unnecessary piles of boxes in closets and under desks where they can interfere with other business operations.

Clear out your space and use a commercial storage unit for an easy and convenient way to organize important files. Every unit is clean and dry to keep your files and boxes protected from the elements, with top notch security to ensure they stay protected at all times.

More Space for Inventory

Those who use their office spaces to store inventory will lament the fact that they don’t have room for much else. If inventory organization and costs are becoming a problem for you, a commercial storage space may be the answer. With commercial storage you can fulfill more orders and better manage larger orders simply by having the proper space to house your items.

Seasonal Items

Do you have more products around Christmas, or during other high seasons? If so, you may find that an abundance of items causes you limited space at a time when you’re extremely busy and need an organized work area. A storage unit can help offset the overflow even for a short time. This can help save you money with inventory costs in the long run.

Small Scale Distribution

For some businesses it doesn’t make sense to have a mass distribution center. Whether you have a small amount of stock or a larger distribution base, a storage unit can act as a controlled distribution space allowing you to maximize your selling potential while minimizing your overhead. At Multi Storage, you can even arrange to have your items sent to our location during business hours and we’ll deliver them to your unit free of charge.

The next time you find yourself running out of space and in need of a reliable, safe solution, consider how commercial storage can benefit your business!

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