4 Seasonal Storage Tips to Combat Year-Round Clutter

4 Seasonal Storage Tips to Combat Year-Round Clutter

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Summer is finally here! Time to wrangle up the lawn chairs, set out the patio lanterns and bust out your shorts and sandals. If only you didn’t have to push past the mounds of holiday decorations, winter jackets, skis and other cold-month items to get to the stuff you need NOW!
What if there was an alternative to piling all your seasonal possessions into a cramped crawl space, garage, or closet? What if you could have a space where your items could be easily accessed when you need them, and kept organized and out of sight when you don’t?
This is the beauty of seasonal self-storage. With Multi Storage, you can store seasonal items with ease and have 24/7 access to all your prized possessions. That way, you can use the precious, finite space of your home for living in rather than storing things.
Whether you’re new to seasonal storage or would like to become more effective, we’ve got four ways to make swapping items with the seasons simple and seamless.

Easy & Efficient Seasonal Storage

1. Store According to the Seasons

Place your items in a storage container according to seasons, rather than arranging them by what the items are. For example, when fall hits, don’t store your summer shorts with your winter jackets just because they are items of clothing. Instead, place your winter clothes in the same corner as your holiday decorations, gift wrapping gear, skis and boots; and your shorts in the same corner as your patio furniture, bikes, and other fun summer items.
Depending on how many objects you have for each season, you can assign each season a quadrant of your storage unit, so you know exactly where to go when the weather changes. Or use a rotation method and after you take out the new season’s gear, replace it with the goods you finished using with the previous season’s end. Either way, manage everything using an organized system based on the seasons.

2. Label

Labeling storage

Label, label, LABEL! Save yourself time and headaches by labelling everything. And don’t forget to place items on shelves with the labels facing outwards so you can see them.
If you are storing goods for yourself and others in your family, then your label should indicate the items in the container and who it belongs to. Taking 20 seconds to write these details on a box can save you hours of searching later!

 3. Create a Path

Avoid crawling over last season’s items by creating a clear path. As mentioned in the first tip, you can assign quadrants to each season to stay organized – but also create a clear, walkable path down the center of the storage space so you can access all four seasons at any time of the year. Storage units are only as useful as they are accessible.

Get Thrifty!

You don’t need to spend money on new storage gear to get organized; get thrifty and creative! Garbage containers (clean, obviously) are awesome for holding large items. Get one for your spring/summer stuff like your rakes, gardening hoses, hoes, and other garden tools; and get another for your winter skis and snow shovels. Cinder blocks and pallets can also help with stacking and keep items off the floor.
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